Track Real-Time Concrete Performance to
Speed Up Construction

Stop relying on cylinder breaks.
Optimize recyclable resources to stress or strip early and save over 1 day per pour.
Internet of ConcreteTM
Graph maturity and strength to optimize scheduling, or temperature and humidity for proper curing. Compare in-place vs. field breaks.
View concrete performance 24/7 across projects with drill-downs to elements, placements, and sensor tests. Share reports with customers.
Track the ETA of when pours will hit strength to plan ahead. Get 24/7 alerts when hitting tolerances for strength, humidity, or thermal cracking.
View concrete performance 24/7 across projects with drill-downs to elements, placements, and sensor tests. Share reports with customers.
Bring your jobsite online with the vOrb’s Internet of Concrete® sensors

There are over 7 billion things connected to the internet, yet concrete, the world's #1 building material, is not one of them. vOrb, the IoC® solution, brings your concrete online. Because vOrb runs wirelessly and remotely over the cloud, you can track performance across jobsites from anywhere 24/7. vOrb let’s you support worker social distancing and decrease test activity onsite, only sending crew when hitting tolerances to optimize curing or cycle to the next phase.

vOrb’s cloud-based maturity platform includes a family of wireless sensors for tracking in-place and cylinder performance. vOrb is an offshoot of Quadrel®, one of the leading technology solutions for the concrete industry. vOrb is covered by 11 U.S. patents which cover its device designs, architecture, and algorithms including for strength projection, instant calibration, and scheduling.

Internet of ConcreteTM

Predict in-place strength without cylinders

vOrb’s powerful, patented algorithm projects strength into the future and tells you exactly when you can stress or strip. This lets you plan ahead to optimize recyclable resources and labor.
Pour 2 hitting ACTIONPSI® 3000PSI
in 2 hours! (24 hrs early)

Auto-evaluate temperature and strength for critical construction decisions

Adjust heat protection
Preempt thermal cracking
Schedule crew onsite
Break field cylinders
Pull formwork
Stress for post-tensioning
Open to traffic

Save over a day per pour

Stand out in the bidding process, and guarantee an entirely new standard of concrete project quality, speed, and cost. vOrb’s patented IoC® devices digitalize your concrete quality testing and performance so that you can track in-place temperature, humidity, maturity, and strength across placements and projects. By auto-evaluating critical construction activities, vOrb allows you optimize resources and speed up scheduling to save over $10/cyd.

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vOrb is covered by U.S. Patents1 9,429,559; 9,766,221; 10,067,115; 10,126,288; 10,184,928; 10,215,670; 10,386,354; 10,458,971; 10,591,457