Track Real-Time concrete performance To Speed up construction
Stop Waiting for cylinder breaks, Or delaying due to bad weather.

Bring your jobsite online with the Internet of ConcreteTM VOrb
There are over 7 billion things connected to the internet, yet concrete, the world's #1 building material, is not one of them. It is time to bring your concrete online with vOrb, the IoC solution. Because vOrb runs wirelessly and remotely over the cloud, you can monitor performance across your jobsites from anywhere 24/7.
Predict in-place strength without cylinders
vOrb’s powerful, patented algorithm projects strength forward and alerts you on when exactly you can remove the formwork or break a cylinder.
Internet of ConcreteTM
Stand out in the bidding process
Guarantee an entirely new standard of project quality, cost and speed. vOrb’s patented IoCTM devices digitalize your concrete quality testing and performance so that you can track in-place temperature, humidity, maturity, and strength across placements and projects. By auto-evaluating critical construction activities, vOrb allows you optimize resources and speed up scheduling to save over $7 / cyd.

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